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Over 50 cakes to choose from! In 3 different sizes:

7” starts at £25.00
9” starts at £35.00
11” starts at £55.00

Prices can vary depending on special requests, some cakes are also available as gluten free, dairy free, eggless and vegan on request.

Chocolate and coconut cake

Brazilian carrot and chocolate cake

Chocolate and passion fruit cake

Chocolate and caramel cake

Chocolate, banana and caramel cake

Chocolate, raspberries and passion fruit mousse cake

Ferrero Rocher and strawberries cake

Kinder delice cake (Nutella and cream)

Nutella and strawberries cake

Nutella and banana cake

Chocolate and strawberries cake

Chocolate and raspberries cake

Chocolate and pistachio cake

Chocolate and chili cake

Guinness and chocolate cake

Chocolate, caramel and marshmallows cake

Strawberries and white chocolate cake

Brazilian matcha and white chocolate cake

Spinach cake

Kiwi and strawberries cake

Sweet corn and coconut cake

Vermicelli cake (vanilla sponge with chocolate sprinkles)

Grapefruit cake

Marble cake (chocolate and vanilla)

Banana and blueberries cake

Banoffee cake

Victoria sponge cake

Vanilla and strawberries cake

Vanilla and raspberries cake

Vanilla and blueberry cake

Vanilla and mixed berries cake

Raphaello cake (coconut, white chocolate and nuts)

Lemon meringue cake

Lemon and passion fruit meringue cake

Orange and almond cake

Orange, almond and raspberries cake

Orange, almond and chocolate cake

Napolitano cake (vanilla, strawberries and chocolate mousse cake)

Coffee and caramel cake

Coffee and vanilla cake

Coffee and walnut cake

Mocha cake

Cappuccino cake

Tiramisu cake

Salted caramel cake

Salted caramel and raspberries cake

Red velvet cake

Mango cake

Mango, passion fruit and strawberries cake

Mango and raspberries cake

Brigadeiro (Brazilian traditional chocolate cake)

Pineapple and cherry cake

Pineapple and coconut cake

Virgin mojito cake

Lemon and courgette

Courgette and pistachio spice cake

Beetroot and chocolate cake

Avocado and pistachio cake

Avocado and lemon cake

Rhubarb and yogurt cake

Raspberries and coconut cake

Berries and coconut cake

Romeo and Juliet cake (guava and cheese)

Brownie and vanilla cake

Peanut butter cake

Peanut butter and banana cake

Peanut butter and jam cake

Brazil nut and caramel cake

Rainbow cake