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Delicious homemade cakes to choose from! In 3 different sizes:

7” starts at £30.00 (serving about 10 people)
9” starts at £35.00 (serving about 20 people)
11” starts at £55.00 (serving about 30 people)

Prices can vary depending on special requests, some cakes are also available as gluten free, dairy free, eggless and vegan on request.

Chocolate and coconut cake – Prestigio

  • Prestigio: is one of the well-known and loved Brazilian cake. Never fails to impress. It’s based on a chocolate bar by the name of Prestigio, the equivalent bar of chocolate in the UK is Bounty

    Chocolate sponge, creamy fresh coconut and condensed milk filing, covered with Brazilian Brigadeiro.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Brazilian carrot and chocolate cake

  • Carrot and chocolate: this Brazilian carrot cake is not the carrot cake you’re used to, but it is still absolutely delicious!

    Fresh carrot sponge with the famous Brazilian chocolate Brigadeiro truffle.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Chocolate and passion fruit cake

  • Chocolate and passion fruit: The sharp passion fruit curd undercuts the richness of the chocolate to deliver a deliciously balanced flavour.

    Chocolate sponge, creamy passion fruit filing, covered with dark chocolate ganashe.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Chocolate and caramel cake

  • Chocolate and caramel: a moist, rich chocolate cake for chocolate-lovers.

    Chocolate sponge, home-made dolce de leche filing, covered with dark chocolate ganashe.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Ferrero Rocher cake

  • Ferrero Rocher: this cake is rich, delicate, full of hazelnut and chocolate flavours.

    Chocolate sponge, Nutella and hazelnut filing, covered with dark chocolate ganashe, hazelnuts and Ferrero truffles.

          7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Nutella and strawberries or banana cake

  • Nutella and strawberries or banana: the perfect chocolate cake for any occasion!!

    Chocolate sponge, Nutella and fresh fruit filing, covered with dark chocolate ganashe.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Brigadeiro(Brazilian traditional chocolate cake)

Brigadeiro: a deliciously rich cake inspired by Brazil’s most beloved dessert: the brigadeiro!

Chocolate sponge, Brazilian brigadeiro filing and topping.

7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Chocolate and pistachio cake

  • Chocolate and pistachios: this pistachio cake has loads of freshly ground pistachios and a rich dark chocolate ganache. Perfect combination!

    Chocolate sponge, pistachio trufflle filing, topped with dark chocolate ganache.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Guinness and chocolate cake

  • Guinness and chocolate: if you are a fan of decadent treats, this Chocolate Guinness Cake is the dessert for you.

    Guinness and chocolate sponge, cream cheese icing filing and topping.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Sweet corn and coconut cake

  • Sweet corn and coconut: in many cultures, corn and coconut are paired in dessert, so this vegetable cake highlights them both.

    Naturally gluten free, sweet corn and coconut sponge, sweet corn and coconut truffle filing and topping.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Marble cake (chocolate and vanilla)

  • Marble cake: is a classic childhood cooking memory. Whether using lurid colours for a psychedelic finish, or just chocolate and vanilla.

    Chocolate and vanilla sponge, dark chocolate ganache and cream cheese icing filing, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Banoffee cake

  • Banoffee cake: If you like banoffee pie then you will love our cake version.

    Banana sponge, home made caramel filing, topped with whipped cream.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Vanilla and strawberries cake

  • Vanilla and berries: a Great British classic, the Victoria Sponge is the queen of cakes.

    Victoria sponge baked with fresh berries, cream and home made berries jam filing, topped with whipped cream.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Raphaello cake

  • Raphaello: this cake is a coconut lover’s dream.

    Almond sponge, white chocolate, coconut and yoghurt filing, topped with whipped cream.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Lemon meringue cake

  • Lemon meringue: this cake tastes just like lemon meringue pie.

    Lemon sponge, lemon curd filing, topped with meringue.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Orange and almond cake

  • Orange and almond: a very moist and fruity cake that uses the whole orange for its amazing flavour .

    Naturally gluten free, orange and almond meal sponge, whipped cream cream filing and topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Coffee and walnut cake

  • Coffee and walnut: this delicious and classic cake is full of flavour. It’s so soft and moist and is an easy crowd-pleaser!

    A classic coffee and walnut Victoria sponge, topped with an espresso-infused cream cheese icing.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Tiramisu cake

  • Tiramissu: it tastes like the Italian coffee infused mascarpone dessert we all love so much just in cake form.

    Victoria vanilla sponge infused with expresso coffee, topped with mascarpone and cream.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

Salted caramel and raspberries cake

  • Salted caramel and raspberries: a delicious, dreamy, sweet and salty cake that everyone will enjoy.

    Sweet and salty Victoria style sponge with raspberries, home made sweet and salty caramel filing, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £30.00 – 9” £40.00 – 11” £65.00

    Red velvet cake

  • Red velvet: this cake is the queen of all layer cakes, it’s the sweet marriage of buttermilk and vanilla with a little cocoa for good measure.

    Vanilla and a subtle chocolate flavour sponge, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Mango, passion fruit and strawberries cake

  • Mango, passion fruit and strawberries: bring the taste of tropical summer fruits to your party!

    Fresh mango and strawberries sponge, passion fruit curdle filing, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Pineapple and coconut cake

  • Pineapple and coconut: this cake is sure to please family and friends, with its surprising blend of flavours.

    Super soft vanilla “pao de lo” sponge, fresh pineapple and coconut truffle filing, topped with whipped cream.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Avocado and pistachio cake

  • Avocado and pistachios: this might not be your first choice for a flavour combination but this delicate cake is proof that the combination works.

    Soft and tasty avocado and a touch of lemon sponge, grounded pistachios truffle filing, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00

Berries and coconut cake

  • Berries and coconut: this summery cake, never fails to impress with an explosion of flavours.

    Naturally gluten free coconut ad fresh berries sponge, home made berries jam and cream filing, topped with whipped cream.

    7” £35.00 – 9” £45.00 – 11” £70.00



Brazil nut and caramel cake

Rainbow cake

  • Rainbow: this is a fun and tasty cake, it will impress not only the kids but the whole familly.

    Seven layers of a tasty vanilla Victoria sponge in different collours, whipped cream filing, topped with cream cheese icing.

    7” £40.00 – 9” £55.00 – 11” £80.00